I've had the privilege of working with some extraordinary performers, authors, directors and coaches.  Here are some words about those experiences from a few genuine superstars:

Patrick Fraley

Over my 42 years teaching and performing, I have come across a few performers that make me think about being an agent. Abby Elvidge is one. Every time I hear her, I get sucked into the vortex of her spooky-good storytelling skills.

Patrick Fraley, Teacher/Performer

Adele Parks

"I had the pleasure of hiring Abby Elvidge for my latest project, Gadzooks! A Comically Quirky Audio Book. Abby had the difficult task of imitating a very unique voice – something she did with uncanny accuracy. In addition to Abby's remarkable talent as a voice actress, she is the consummate professional. I truly enjoyed working with Abby and would recommend her to anyone who seeking versatile voice work plus reliability and competence."


Adele Park, Straight to Audio Productions


Melissa Moats

Every word that is spoken by Abby Elvidge radiates a kind of magic hard to describe.  Her intuitive nature allows her to share a story that is truly connected with the writer's vision, while captivating the listener yearning for more.  I speak from a place of genuine admiration and my own personal joy of experiencing Abby's work first-hand.  Abby Elvidge is a top-notch Voiceover Pro with gifts beyond measure.  

~Melissa Moats, Voice Artist/Coach

Marlayna Glynn Brown

Abby was such a perfect narrator for my first book that I hired her for the next two. Her skill was evident when she was able to successfully narrate a character who progressively aged from 4 to 44 over three books.  Aside from her narration skills (including nailing the character voice and perfect timing,) she was professional and a joy to work with.  Abby's a pro from start to finish! Thank you for all your work Abby!  


Marlayna Glynn Brown, Award Winning Memoirist