Residing in the small town of Mackinaw, Illinois, not far from Chicago, Abby Elvidge is an actress-turned-Paleobotanist-turned Voice Actor. Abby plies her skills of late to audiobook narration with a keen ability at characterization. Recently she was a 2017 Voice Arts Awards Finalist for "Whatever Happened to Prince Charming?" and an Audie Award Finalist in 2015  for “GADZOOKS!”

Abby narrated the bestseller, “GRUNT: The Curious Science of Humans at War” by Mary Roach, to astounding reviews, particularly from the author. Mary Roach wrote, "I won the vocal-cord lottery when Abby Elvidge took an interest in narrating GRUNT. She is perfect for the project: energetic, friendly, and right on the mark with her tone and inflection.”

Currently Abby is working on an exciting new Memoir and a number of projects with authors whose work stimulates her artistic passions. She recently recorded in the St. George, Utah studio of Straight To Audio Productions on a project to be released later this year.

When not recording or coaching, Abby spends as much time as possible in the meadow and woods surrounding her dream home, a cabin by a seasonal creek, often taking photos. 

Abby teaches at The Voice Actors Studio in Las Vegas and with Patrick Fraley, Scott Brick and other Audiobook Luminaries. 

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